tilia, linden, lime

Linden trees – also known as lime (though with no connection to the fruit) or basswood –  are found across the Northern Hemisphere.

Linden has its root in the Latin lentus, flexible –  in English, lithe, and German lind: lenient, yielding.
They are robust – bending but holding – and have been known to stand for 1000 years.

Lime-blossom honey and perfumes are made from the tree’s flowers, and the flowers, wood and leaves have been used to treat anxiety, restlessness, stomach ailments, headache, fever and infections.

In Berlin there is a boulevard lined with lime trees, Unter den Linden, which stretches from the Berlin City Palace to the Brandenburg Gate. Linden trees are considered important in Slavic, Germanic and Greek mythology.

(Photo: Getty Images)