July 20, 2016

Laura Powell

Laura Powell is a commissioning editor at the Daily Telegraph and was previously a features writer at the Daily Mail. Her journalism has appeared in The Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard and women’s magazines. Her debut novel, The Unforgotten, was released in March 2016. She is the recipeint of a New Writer’s Bursary from Literature Wales and was named as one of Amazon’s Rising Stars. Laura was born in Wales and lives in London.

Twp – If you call someone stupid or daft in English, it comes across as mean. But say it in Welsh – ‘twp’ – and it sounds cheeky rather than deeply cutting. It’s native to South Wales (my homeland).

Porthmeor – The prefix Porth- anything brings to mind a Cornish beach or bay or harbour. Porthmeor is one of my favourites; it’s the St Ives beach with angry waves that are perfect for surfing.

Sglodion – Another brilliant Welsh word, it means chips. It rolls off the tongue, and sounds gutsy and luscious (another great word). Even saying it makes me hungry for chips and gravy.

Laura will be at the Bookie’s Literary Lounge on Sunday August 21st, details here.

Laura’s portrait by Derek Man