Blue Jeans (Natasha Lester)

“In Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how she gets dressed to go to work – at her desk in her home – and some days she doesn’t feel like writing, so she puts perfume and make-up on, to seduce her creativity into appearing. It’s such an interesting idea.

“When I’m in the middle of a book and I know I’ve got a full day of writing ahead and I need to immerse myself in that day of writing I always put these jeans on: they are really old and soft and comfortable. I realised after reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book that they’re my writing jeans. These jeans have been with me through those focused, energetic, joyful days of being so absorbed in my book that I was literally bashing out the words.

“I bought them in Melbourne. In 2013, in New York City where I was researching my new book, I went to J Brand and bought the exact pair of jeans – I wanted to be able to replace them with a new pair (it’s amazing the crazy things we do). But I’ve never got myself all dressed up to seduce my creativity. I might have to try that one day. ”

Natasha Lester 



1 response to Blue Jeans (Natasha Lester)

  1. chrissybray says:

    Ha! I love this what a great story. Unfortunately I don’t own any creative jeans – although I’m pretty sure I’ve left some creative genes lying around somewhere…

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