December 1, 2020

Anna Paolozzi

My favourite dress: it’s inky blue and I love it because it’s made out of the thinnest gauzy cotton and has Pre-Raphaelite ruching on the neckline. It’s longer at the back so when you walk it floats out behind you.

This is a velvet and horn chair I inherited from my parents, which they bought before they were married. It haunts me slightly because my granny set fire to it smoking a cigarette when she was babysitting us, and it had to be reupholstered. The velvet cushion is by Georgina von Etzdorf, from Graham and Green.

The most useful pieces of fabric I have are microfibre cleaning cloths… I use them for cleaning everything, everyday, and couldn’t live without them.

Anna Paolozzi, who worked as a make-up designer for photography shoots, celebrities, pop videos, award shows and live TV, now runs a food blog called My Primrose Hill Kitchen from her small kitchen in London. She has always been an avid cook, food obsessive, and collector of kitchenalia and the blog is a compilation of eclectic recipes that are created by her or preloved ones from old recipe books. The recipes and pictures of food are intended to inspire even the most frazzled cook with their simplicity and straightforward text, with the emphasis on beautiful visuals and healthy tasty eating.

All photos Anna Paolozzi