December 10, 2020

Miranda Edmonds

I was so pleased when I found these alphabet ribbons in an old box as they took me straight back to being young and having fun ribbons in my hair (before the horror of the blue ribbon worn every day of high school.)

They also remind me of my year one teacher, Mrs Legrange, who always wore three very thin different coloured ribbons in her hair; I thought they were the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. Now that I have three young boys and no girls I’m not sure if they will ever get worn again – maybe I’ll just start a new adult ribbon trend, I’ll let you know how that goes…

One of my treasured textile things is a black beanie from one of my favourite people in the world; it always reminds me of her.

It is warm but not too hot. Stylisty but never dates. It’s been around the world with me and is still going strong. It’s so good even my husband and eldest son try to borrow it but I always get it back!

The costume that stands out for me is THE tango dress from our film TANGO UNDERPANTS. It was designed especially for Emma Booth by fashion legend Aurelio Costarella.

Aurelio worked with us to help transform Emma’s character from the down-and-out Aussie backpacker to the epitome of tango glamour. Added to that, the dress had to be able to twirl up to reveal a glimpse of the hero tango underpants! We were filming at 3am in the freezing cold streets of Buenos Aires and, with the help of Emma’s brilliant dancing skills, she spun towards the camera and the dress did its job, creating the iconic ending for the film.

Miranda Edmonds has produced and directed a number of award winning short films funded by Screenwest, Screen Australia, and crowdfunding in conjunction with Creative Partnerships Australia. Miranda’s film TANGO UNDERPANTS was written by John Collee (HOTEL MUMBAI, MASTER AND COMMANDER) and stars Emma Booth (GLITCH, THE GLOAMING). TANGO UNDERPANTS won the audience favourite award at Palm Springs Shortfest, Best Short Film at Cinema des Antipodes Saint Tropez, and the Jury Prize at the Heathcote Film Festival, and has been sold to SBS Television, Qantas Inflight Entertainment, Pacific Voice (Japan), and KQED San Francisco. Miranda’s other shorts include a Tim Winton adaptation, a short animation, CHAT NOIR, which won best animation at the WA Screen Awards, and a short musical comedy LIBRARY OF LOVE. Miranda holds a postgraduate degree in Film and Television Production from the VCA and has completed attachments with the Director of Development at Exclusive Media in Los Angeles (IDES OF MARCH, RUSH, WOMAN IN BLACK), and on the TV Show SCREAM QUEENS (Fox). Miranda’s production company Cottesloe Films is developing a slate of TV and Film projects for the international market.

Pictures: Miranda Edmonds; Nathan Dumlao. Tango Underpants images Ian & Erick