Andreas Loizou

Andreas Loizou was born in London and grew up in the seaside resort of Margate. Summers spent working in the ice-cream hut on rainy Margate Beach lead to copious amounts of time reading everything, and reading everything lead a highly driven person from finance to linguistics to travel to writing fiction. Andreas studied English Literature and Linguistics at Leeds and holds an MPhil in Modernist Literature from Cambridge. He has worked in finance and is a director of The Client Academy, anRead more

μεράκι – Andreas Loizou

μεράκι (Meh-RAH-Ki) is a Greek word that comes from the Turkish merak, to be interested, to wonder.  μεράκι sort-of kind-of means putting your heart, soul and enthusiasm into a task. It could be something artistic. Or it could be something quotidian that’s done with real enthusiasm and pride. The way my mum plants her vegetables, for example, or the skill with which a chef cooks for her staff once the restaurant’s customers have left. μεράκι is plotting a novel without googling the capital ofRead more