Greg Bear

Greg Bear is the author of more than thirty books, spanning thrillers, science fiction, and fantasy, including Blood Music, Eon, The Forge of God, Darwin’s Radio, and City at the End of Time. His most recent book is Take Back the Sky  (Orbit, 2016), the last volume in his War Dogs Trilogy. Greg’s books have won numerous international prizes, been translated into twenty-two languages, and have sold millions of copies worldwide. He has served as a consultant for NASA, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of State, the International Food Protection Association,Read more

Andreas Loizou for Margate Bookie x Pieced Work

Andreas Loizou set up and runs the Margate Bookie. He’s the major shareholder of, a website for artisan-made digital paperweights.   “Kentrification – I invented this word! It was the late 90s, some time between New Lad and New Millennium, and I’d invited a food critic down to the Old Town. A fancy French restaurant had opened that week. Pierre had brought his brigade and Michelin star to Gate-sur-la-mer. The first rumours of a new arts centre were bubbling up.Read more

Charlotte Wood

Charlotte is the author of novels Pieces of a Girl, The Submerged Cathedral, The Children and Animal People. Her latest book is a collection of non-fiction writing on food and cooking: Love & Hunger: Thoughts on the Gift of Food. Animal People won the People’s Choice medal in the 2013 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and was long-listed for the 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award. Charlotte created and edits The Writer’s Room Interviews magazine. She has lived in Sydney for the pastRead more