Anne Marsella

Anne Marsella, Paris-based writer, has written and published in both English and French and is the author of the award-winning collection of short stories, The Lost and Found and Other Stories (New York University Press) and the novels Remedy (Portobello Books), The Baby of Belleville (Portobello Books) and Patsy Boone (Editions de la Différence). Her short story Saint Fever was adapted for the off-Broadway theatre production All the Pieces directed by Carol Monpere in 2003. She is a recipient of NewRead more

morsels from Emily Dickinson – Anne Marsella

Here are some choice morsels from Emily Dickinson I gathered for a project I was working on: My Blue Peninsula The Opal Apron Bashful Globe Over the Comet’s chimney My Hazel Witness Orient’s Apparition Panther in the Glove Hempen Hands Garden in the Brain Duds of Emerald Uniforms of Snow Fairy Gig The Whites of Wheels A Purple Ravelling Rafter of Satin Dainty of PublicityRead more