Rosalind Wyatt

Rosalind Wyatt is a British artist who loves words. Initially trained in calligraphy, she went on to study textiles at the Royal College of Art. Her practice combines text and textile, and she works from her studio in London. Stitch commissions include luxury bespoke gifts for private and corporate clients from around the world, including two stitched garments for Fortnum & Mason of London, which now hang in their boardroom. She has developed her own technique of ‘writing with a needle’ combining textRead more

tutto il mondo e paese – Rosalind Wyatt

Harking back to my Italian heritage, this is an Italian proverb. I love the sound of it as well as the meaning. I discovered it last year in the inspiring Girard Collection at the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe. It means, ‘people are the same the world over’ or ‘the whole world is my hometown’. It’s a vision of unity that I find inspiring and can be entirely practical in everyday life – it just depends on your perspective.Read more