Andrea Bennett for Margate Bookie x Pieced Work

Andrea Bennett came to writing fairly late. After her initial career choice of ‘artist’ fell by the way-side, she tried her hand at many things: translator, civil servant and charity manager to name a few. In the mid-noughties she gave up spending half her life commuting and began writing in her spare time. She started work on her first novel in 2012 – it was selected for publication by Borough Press via an open submission process. Galina Petrovna’s Three-Legged DogRead more


Sparkling sequins give a luminous quality to whatever they adorn: they’re luxurious and glamorous. It’s no surprise then to discover the historical meaning of sequin is ‘a small gold coin’, either Italian or Turkish. The word starts with the Arabic sikkah ‘a minting die’. A minting or coin die is a type of mould – it contains the inverse of the image to be struck onto the coin. Prior to being minted, coins were made individually and engraved by hand. From sikkah the word movesRead more