Belinda Castles

Belinda Castles is a writer, editor and teacher. She is the author of three novels: the second, The River Baptists, won the 2006 Australian/Vogel Literary Award, and the most recent, Hannah and Emil, won the 2013 Asher Literary Award. Hannah and Emil “The following three paragraphs are taken from Hannah’s first section in my novel Hannah and Emil. One of my main sources for the book was my Grandmother Fay’s unpublished memoir, in which she recalls the following incident. ItRead more

words that do more – guest post by Belinda Castles

“I really don’t have favourite single words. It is usually combinations of words or hybrids I like, because they do more – it’s the relationship that’s interesting: ‘work-shy’, ‘potty-mouthed’. Or themed words – anything around the sea, rivers, water: upwelling, undertow, rip, surge, surf, rush, king tide (two, sorry). I also like a bit of staccato: crotchety, bucketing…”Read more