Aloha Shirt (Greg Bear)

“In the winter, I live in fleece, but come summer, Hawaiian shirts and silk. It always depends on the temperature and the weather… Since our cold conditions in the NW U.S. are not usually severe, I’m able to stick to one fabric or style for weeks at a time – not the same item, of course!” – Greg BearRead more

Wool Scarf (Rosalind Wyatt)

“This scarf was hand-woven in Durban, South Africa, and my Mum brought it back for me – she was visiting there. I’ve had it for 15 years. It’s made of wool and it’s become softer with use. It’s not necessarily something I would’ve chosen for myself but that doesn’t matter. It’s also really warm. “I just love it, and it has travelled with me to Japan; I always take it with me when I’m travelling. There’s something so normal aboutRead more

Flannie (Ben Walter)

“This is the flannel shirt – in Tasmania, we say flannie – that I am wearing at the moment, and so it is my favourite one. Flannies are slightly warmer than regular shirts, which speaks powerfully to my island’s climate, but they are also the most comfortable thing on earth, the closest thing to loose and fuzzy skin, which is better than it sounds. They also provide allusions to certain undercurrents in Tasmanian – my friend Pete Hay would sayRead more

Blue Jeans (Natasha Lester)

“In Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how she gets dressed to go to work – at her desk in her home – and some days she doesn’t feel like writing, so she puts perfume and make-up on, to seduce her creativity into appearing. It’s such an interesting idea. “When I’m in the middle of a book and I know I’ve got a full day of writing ahead and I need to immerse myself in that day of writing IRead more

Laline Paull

Laline Paull studied English at Oxford, screenwriting in Los Angeles and theatre in London. Her new novel, The Ice (4th Estate), is out now. Her award-winning debut, The Bees (4th Estate) was published in May 2014. She has written screenplays and for the theatre; two of her plays, Boat Memory and Show and Tell, were produced at the National. She lives in England with her husband, photographer Adrian Peacock, and their three children. The Bees  As they descended over the treetops Flora strained for any trace ofRead more